Bloodstone and Himalayan quartz

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This pendant is something special. When I first held the Bloodstone, I noticed the cool smoothness of the stone. The deep green being the perfect background for speckles of red. I turned it every direction and knew the smooth cabochon would be stunning set horizontally with a Himalayan quartz as its crown. The trick would be how to show off this naturally shaped quartz and keep it secure. I knew the solution would present itself so I got started. The smooth blood stone was a bit slippery and begged for some weaving. This was not a problem as I love to weave wire. As I started to figure out how to set and secure the quartz, I suddenly figured out how to wrap the orb I have been thinking about for a year. In fear that this moment of clarity will swiftly disappear I put the pendant down and pick up the rutilated quartz sphere with great purpose. With an hour (maybe a bit more) the orb is secure. Feeling triumphant, I pick up this Bloodstone and Himalayan Quartz pendant and finish the design. May whoever wears this pendant experience the joy of clarity and the thrill of triumph.
Much Love,
pendant height 2 5/8

bloodstone 2 1/4 x 1 1/8