Labradorite and Antiqued Copper

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This pendant is very near and dear to me. I wrapped this stone when I first started getting into wire wrapping. I put so much time into the weave I created. The weave was far from perfect to put it lightly. Due to the time I invested I just couldn't bring myself to start over. So, this beauty of a labradorite sat in hiding in it's big, clunky, ugly mess of a wrap.

Finally, I released my hold on the time that felt lost. Truth is, the time was spent learning and refining my skills. One night I just cut through the copper and started over. I made a frame and got to designing. I wanted tight weaves and to play with negative space. I loved the outcome and antiqued the copper. I spoke with my 10 year old and he critiqued my work. I realized I had a bit too much negative space. I added a the 2 loops at the bottom and antiqued it again.

To me, this pendant symbolizes personal growth and a reminder that personal growth is so much easier with a support base. I hope whomever wears this pendant believes in themselves enough to try something new, and accept advice to help them on their personal journey.

I would like to share the following passage from the book, Love is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals by Melody. This passage is referring to the Labradorite stone

"It also symbolizes the moon and helps one to advance, without constraint, through the cycles of progression, heralding the arrival of ascension. It also symbolizes the sun, providing for vitality and for a sense of "self" during transitions, and promoting refinement of action and discernment in direction.
It unites the personal self with the understanding required to both realize and achieve the destiny of this life, relieving insecurity and apprehension, while enhancing faith and reliance in oneself and the absolute purity of the universal harmony."


Much love,