Labradorite and Himalayan Quartz Pendant

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The colors in this labradorite are stunning! It was a very tricky stone to set as the perfect angle for the colors was not symmetrical.  I was determined to set this stone with this quartz. I scrapped 4 designs before I got it just right. For the final piece, I set the stones with a strong copper base and secured the design with 3 types of sterling silver wire. I used round, half round and square wire to achieve this design.

This pendant is 2 3/4 inch tall and 2 1/2 inches wide. The labradorite is about 1 1/4 in tall and 2 1/2 in wide. The Himalayan Quartz is almost an inch from point to point.

This is natural copper and sterling silver. Copper and silver will naturally tarnish over time. While you are not wearing your pendant, keeping it in a plastic bag may help to slow the tarnishing process. I simply use a polishing cloth to freshen up my copper and silver jewelry before I wear it. 

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