Mexican Opal and Copper Ring

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This opal is phenomenal!  A few months back I started to wrap this ring. I didn't work out.  I scrapped the ring and left the opal on my workspace. I must admit I was a bit intimidated by this stone.  I had to make a frame suitable for such a gem. At some point I changed my workspace. Once I was settled at my desk I was going to attempt to wrap this stone. I couldn't find it anyplace. Long story short, I put it in a safe place so naturally I couldn't find it. One day I mistakenly found the stone. I was so happy, it was like running into a long lost friend. Without thinking, I put aside my current project and happily wrapped this ring. It may be one of my best. I hope you agree. 
This phenomenal stone is a 3/4" inch x 7/8"(21mm x 20mm)Mexican Opal and it is wrapped with copper wire. The colors in this stone are green, red and a bit of yellow. The ring is a size 9 1/2. 
Mexican opal JM2216