Turquoise and rainbow Moonstone Pendant

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As soon as I felt this turquoise stone, I wanted to design a pendant around it. I wanted to pair it with another stone. I searched my collection and was drawn to the moonstones. This particular moonstone was an instant favorite. I put them together and and was drawn to the movement of colors in the moonstone. I typically design with the smaller stone at the top of the pendant. This moonstone shines the brightest at the bottom.  The design invites the wearer to enjoy the look and feel of the turquoise and moonstone combination with a detailed weave on the back.  I feel this back weave reminds us to take a moment and look at things from all sides, you never know the beauty you will find. This design works with the stones metaphysical properties as well. The stone combination is said to be a calming combination that provides protection for people on a journey and bring joy and luck to travelers.

This pendant is 3 1/4 x 1 and comes on an adjustable black cord. 

Much Love,